How to upload products

You've registered with Kasi Eats and are excited to start selling your good on Mzanzi's premier supply network, if you aren't a tech wiz relax, we've got you covered. Here is a  step by step guide to help you start selling today.

Follow these simple steps.
  1. Login into the supplier dashboard

  1. Go to Products - Physical Products - All Products - - Create Product
  2. Note**Unit must be relevant to how you sell the product ei (6x5l would be a box of 6 x 5 liter units.) (Kg would be for items sold by the kilo)…ect.
  3. Note** Sale price I selling price, and Purchase can be any amount (there for to assist you in tracking profit/loss)
  4. When you have successfully populated the fields click the Upload button
  5. On the next page remember to load stock, this can also be done
  6. Under Physical Products - All Products - Product Stock

For enquiries contact the support